Getting a 7 on the IB Chem Exam

1. Repetition is the mother of learning

Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist came up with this 200 years ago….using experiments on memory of letters if I recall correctly.

The point being, start early with your revision and don’t cram. You will remember more and remember more easily if you review your work reguarly…


2. Don't stress

If you are getting too stressed, take a break.

If you are too laid back then you need to realise you are letting yourself down – get into it!


3. Create a one page summary of all of the IB Chemistry course!

I’ve gotten 7s in many subjects at Uni. Topped numerous subjects at high school. I used to do exactly what Chris Hadfield teaches here in his masterclass. Condense everything onto a single A4 and memorize it!


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